Select and Build

The perfect property investment opportunity. Great returns and none of the headaches.

Benefits To New Investors:

Select and Build

The perfect property investment opportunity. Great returns and none of the headaches.

Benefits To New Investors:

Adding Value To Investment Property

This is the perfect way to invest in property without the normal risks or hassle associated with this sort of investment. With a minimum investment of just £13,000 and a target return of 25% this could be exactly what you've been looking for.


Not all property is a good investment.

The best way to make money from property is not to simply sit and wait for prices to rise. The trick is to add value. Our selection process is extremely rigorous and we only take on developments that fit our model.


Always buy at the best price possible.

This is called "making money on the way into a deal". If you can achieve a great purchase price it is much easier to get the profits you are looking for. That's how our business model works.


Add Value - but do it well.

At Select and Build, we pride ourselves on attention to detail. Our simple aim is to produce quality and sought after developments that will stand the test of time.


Make a real difference.

We add value by renovating, splitting, extending - or completely rebuilding the properties we acquire. To do this you need the right team to make sure you achieve your goals both on time and on budget.

Invest in bricks and mortar

Our experienced team have extensive knowledge of Brighton and the surrounding area which enables us to find properties with the best possible investment potential.

Simplifying Property Investment

Whilst UK property has always been a great investment, it's true to say that not ALL properties are born equal. For the investor, many properties end up being a money trap. We believe that with "Select and Build" we have created the perfect solution and the perfect investment opportunity.

Dedicated Property Sourcing Team

Our property sourcing team source properties with the very best investment potential. We buy with our heads not our hearts. With a target of circa 25-30% after costs we are always on the look out for value.

Inside Knowledge Of The Brighton Area

Never buy property in an area you don't know well. Inflated property prices and over-optimistic rental forecasts will kill many an investment opportunity. We buy in this area because we know it like the back of our hands.

We Project Manage Every Development

Our in house Projects Managers ensure we are always on time and on budget. Quality control like this means we will hit our targets every time.

A Simple Investment Concept

For the investor, putting money into one of our projects is simple. No hassle and no fuss. Investing in a project is a simple as sending your funds and we take care of the rest.

Established Project Pipeline

We are looking for strong growth in the years ahead. Our first two projects are already underway with others in the pipeline as we seek out the best possible deals for our investors.

It's The People That Make It.

It's all about the team as much as it is about the property. Every piece of the jigsaw must fit and we have we assembled the right team to deliver on every single project.

Damian McShane
Founder and CEO

Over 15 years experience in Real Estate and Financial Services in London, Dubai and Brighton. Spent several years working for prominent Brighton independent agency Cubitt and West part of the Arun Estates group. Worked in all 10 of their offices and eventually ran their flagship branch in central Brighton. Following this he was head hunted by a property acquisition company funded by FTSE 250 company Close Brothers PLC, buying property across the UK.

Mark Brockhurst
Project Manager

Mark is a qualified and well-rounded property professional with significant experience in construction, project management, and compliance. He boasts over 13 years as an owner of a number of property related companies and is also an associate at the National Landlords Association.

Harold Gittelmon
Investing Chairman

Harold has significant private equity and operational experience. His property ventures includes Kimmon properties a London based company. He also has a substantial property investment and development business in San Francisco and is Chairman of a new disruptive property business which has operations in New York, Dubai and London.

Adding Value to Investment Property

The perfect way to invest in property - with none of the headaches.

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